The greenhouse and indoor horticultural industry has made significant strides in the field of higher intensity lighting as well as customizing light waves in order to optimize plant growth. These specialized lighting systems, while exciting rapid growth or specific biological responses from the plants for which they were intended, are becoming increasingly dangerous to the people who must work under them. The primary health concern is damage to the subjects eyes, known medically as the ocular system, from the high concentrations of ultraviolet spectra.


Our goal at Wavelength Optical is to continually research and develop high quality, affordable protection for the horticultural professionals exposed to these increasingly dangerous bandwidths utilizing our proprietary technologies in the production of high quality, impact resistant lenses which are scientifically developed to selectively filter out very specific wavelengths known to cause damage to the human ocular system while minimizing color distortion.


Our goal to protect the eyes and vision from the harmful rays of several bandwidths is not obtainable by using colored plastic lenses or common sunglasses, as neither of these are designed to block out specialized high PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) light waves that are produced from industrial agricultural lighting sources. The solution comes in the form of derivatives of rare earth minerals, elements that have little to no high concentration minable source on our planet.


Our commitment to continually develop superior wavelength specific filtration optics for the protection of high PAR lighting environment workers is the one and only focus of Wavelength Optical.