HPS (high pressure sodium) specific glasses are scientifically designed to give the growroom operator a lifetime of lower stress, less fatigue and higher profit margins by alieving much of the ocular distress brought about by light intensity, harmful radiation wavelengths and poor color rendition of high intensity HPS lamps. By employing our proprietary rare earth mineral formulae we are able to mitigate not only the intensity of the light, but a host of subtler issues affecting operator health brought on by the physical and mechanical properties of the HPS lamp.

Wavelength ~ HPS

A human’s visual function has developed over hundreds of thousands of years to operate under the sun, which produces what we refer to as BWL (balanced white light), HPS lamps look yellow to our eyes, being of higher intensity in the 550nm - 625nm wavelengths within our visual spectrum, while being very low in the blues end of our visual spectra, what is referred to as the scotopic range ( 450nm - 500nm). Unfortunately the human eye requires a certain ratio of blue to yellow lightwaves in order to function properly. The effect of this improper balance is poor visual acuity which is evident in deplorable color balance, a reduced ability to define shapes, increased difficulty in the ability to sense motion, greater eyestrain, headaches, muscular tension etc.


Test results comparing our products to the competition with a bare HPS bulb baseline as control clearly show that our lenses outperform the competition across the spectrum in terms of eye protection, even within the UV band where most permanent eye damage occurs.


Our HPS ~ Wavelength series offer safety, comfort, style and higher visual acuity at a more affordable price than any of our viable competitors. Feel free to come in and test a pair at your local hydroponics supplier to see and feel the difference yourself. Be sure to ask for them by name...Wavelength.

This chart shows us a Red line as the “control”, it is the light from an unfiltered 1000w HPS grow light specifically within the wavelengths of the UV range, the most damaging to the eyes. Our Wavelength HPS protective eyewear is the Green line, showing less harmful UV radiation passing through our lenses than any other product on the market.

Comparative charts, the top showing the spectral signature of an unfiltered 1000w HPS horticultural grow light with an amplitude of nearly 850 ppf being reduced down to an easily manageable 150 ppf, with almost complete eradication of lightwaves within the eyedamaging UV range on the left in the 400nm and under bandwidth.