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Light Emitting Diodes, otherwise known as LED lighting, have come along way in the last decade, having outgrown their novelty beginnings to become a serious contender in the growroom, it’s a safe bet that the next generation of LED chips will produce growlights that will have us forgetting the stone age of HID (high intensity discharge) lamps, such as Metal Halide (MH) or the ubiquitous high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps whether they be standard bulbs, dual arced or double ended. Current LED technology is already outproducing all other forms of artificial lighting in terms of weight per watt efficiencies, and as the prices keep coming down, we will see more and more of these fixtures being installed in grow rooms everywhere.

Wavelength ~ LED

LED lighting, while being mechanically more efficient and safer, pose their own risks to the indoor grower. There is no shortage of scientific studies highlighting the EXTREME DANGER from working in high intensity blue and violet LED lighting. The risk of permanent damage to the eye cannot be understated. The risk comes from highly concentrated levels of harmful electromagnetic radiation not only in the infrared and standard UVA and UVB wavelengths, but also lesser known UVC wavelengths, which are generally filtered out of our existence in the upper atmosphere, never reaching us on the ground. This UV radiation is extremely damaging to the human eye, especially in the scotopic range that the blue and violet wavelengths occupy. These are the bandwidths that are known to induce cataracts, an unraveling of proteins within the eye that will affect light’s passage through the eye’s lens, clouding vision and necessitating surgery.


All of these problems are easily avoided by the use of Wavelength LED protective eyewear.Our unique formulation of rare earth mineral compounds are mixed into the base materials of our lenses, we do not use cheap optical coatings that will wear away from everyday use. Our Wavelength LED glasses will not only protect your eyes from all of the harmful ultraviolet radiation, they will also give a more natural color balance when used under the harsh magenta light emitted by today’s LED fixtures, giving your grow room operator higher visual acuity, enabling them to visually identify plant discoloration, the first indicator of compromised plant health.


LED protective glasses are indicated by the green line, clearly showing substantially reduced light waves across the chart, but most importantly towards the left within the UV and blue spectrum where almost all photochemical eye damage originates, as well as the IR range, which can be responsible for thermal damages at higher amplitudes.


Extensive testing has shown that our Wavelength LED protective eyewear provide more protection from eye damaging ultraviolet and blue bandwidths than any other LED growroom protective eyewear available.


Protect your eyes against the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation as well as help balance color for better visual plant management, increasing operator performance, production and profits...Wavelength LED, ask for them by name at your local hydroponic supplier.

Red line is an unfiltered horticultural LED showing peaks in both the red and blue bandwidths. Wavelength.

Red unfiltered baseline is the spectrographic signature of our horticultural LED, Yellow reading is Method Seven’s LED specific protective eyewear. Wavelength LED glasses are represented by the Green line, showing significantly lower ultraviolet transmission than our top competitors, which translates into moreprotection from ultraviolet damage.