Creating an optimized growing environment for plant life frequently results in a habitat that is less than ideal for the caretakers of the plants. From massively increased CO2 levels in the air, to the danger of exposure to concentrated levels of insecticides, miticides and fungicides designed for outdoor use, we choose to mitigate as many of the health risks as possible to the growroom operators, some dangers are more obvious than others.


One of the most commonly overlooked health issues in the growroom is long term low level eye damage, which is caused not only by the high intensity of the lights, but also due to the exposure to the highly concentrated wavelengths in the ultraviolet and infrared ranges.Exposure to the UV and IR wavelengths has been scientifically documented to cause a large range of medical problems capable of permanent eye damage, including but not limited to;


● Cataracts

● Macular Degeneration

● Pinguecula

● Pterygia

● Loss of Night Vision

● Loss of Color Perception


Wavelength horticultural lighting specific lens formulations are guaranteed to reduce the risk of ocular damage due to UV and IR radiation exposure from your grow lights when used properly according to manufacturer’s guidelines.


Why pay more for lower lens quality?

Here at Wavelength, our goal is to bring to market a superior product offering made of higher quality lens materials at a more affordable price than the competition. You will be pleased to find our products give better results not only in performance of color balance, clarity and comfort, but we won’t break your bank with an overpriced logo.


Conversely, lower quality lenses that are being put out at “too good to be true” prices are merely colored plastic that masks or alters colors without giving the user the true color balanced experience so important for proper plant maintenance and more importantly, they put the user at a much greater risk for permanent eye damage by not properly filtering out the harmful UVA,UVB and UVC rays.


Wavelength Optical is proud to continue producing our line of affordable scientifically developed professional grade protective eyewear specifically tailored to the needs of the indoor horticultural worker. Wavelength Growroom Glasses are designed to increase your operation’s safety, production and profits not only by greatly reducing worker stress and fatigue, but just as importantly by improving the visual color balance of crops under artificial growlights, allowing plant care specialists to be able to visually identify foliar discolorations which are highly indicative of plant health, showing us nutritional issues, diseases or evidence of pest infestations.


● Reduce physiological stress due to excessively bright lighting conditions

● Reduce permanent eye damage from dangerous increased UV radiation levels

● Reduce eye pain, headaches and muscular tension from working in improper color    spectrum

● Increase amount of time available to work under extreme lighting conditions

● Increased natural color balance, allowing for more accurate plant management

● Increased worker safety, from everything from bulb blowouts to reduced worker fatigue


Our product offerings include definitive solutions for the most common indoor horticultural lighting industry standards currently being installed, HPS (high pressure sodium) and LED (light emitting diode). Both of these lighting types require their own unique rare earth mineral composition to be molecularly bonded into the raw lens materials during the early phases of manufacturing.